Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama....

 I have called Tennessee home for the past 11 years, but Alabama will always be my home. I was born and raised there, and my family is all there so a large part of my heart is too.

When the storms came and left such a devastating mark this past Wednesday, my heart was troubled. I could only sit and watch as storm after storm went through the state that I still call home. I was, at times, not able to get in touch with family there. I prayed, worried,  and went back to praying that they would all be safe. I called so many times with no luck, and finally when the call did go through and my Mom spoke the words I had been praying to hear, "we're fine, we're all okay....."

(this is an aerial view of a neighborhood a few miles away from my family)

After the dust finally settled and the sun came out it was clear to see just how lucky my family was. Their homes were untouched, they really were all okay. With no electricity, the only way for them to find out just how bad that day and night had been for the rest of the area was from radios ran by a dwindling supply of batteries and word of mouth from neighbors. Word started to spread quickly that electricity would not be coming back on for days and resources like food, water and gas were all running low.

When it was clear that all the things we so readily take for granted were not going to be in the picture for a while, I urged my family to try and make it here to our home. When my sister and her family finally arrived on Friday I had never been more excited to see them and hug them. They were tired, hungry and more than a little out of sorts, but they were safe. Friday was also my niece's third birthday....she still didn't realize that she wouldn't be having the party that her mom had been planning for weeks. We were so happy to have them here and if we could offer even just a few days of respite from what was waiting for them when they returned home, we were more than happy to do it. So...we took a few days to have fun, laugh and just relax and be grateful for what God has given us.....( we were even able to throw in a surprise party for a special little girl)

My thoughts and prayers are still with all of those affected......


  1. Oh Carmella, this post made me cry. We love our "sweet home Alabama" so much as well and our hearts have been breaking for our friends and family there too. We were so scared when we didn't hear from anyone there and couldn't get in contact with them. Our hearts are so sad at the devastation down there especially in Tuscaloosa the home of our beloved Tide. I am so glad that your family is safe and that they could come be with you. What a special treat for your niece, you are a good Auntie! We will keep your family in our prayers as they return home to their communities.


  2. So glad your family is all ok... seeing the pictures of the mess left by the storm reminds me of what we were left with after a hurricane hit here back in September... It's so scary to think that so many have lost everything! Keeping your family and so many others in my thoughts!


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