Monday, May 16, 2011

First Birthday Cakes.....and My Foot in My Mouth??

Do you ever say things before you give yourself a little time to know, use your brain filter? This seems to be a problem I have alot, sometimes it gets me into trouble!
When my friend's precious little girl's first birthday was approaching, she told me when the party would be and before I knew it I said....."Oh! Can I make her cake???" 
There I go again, saying things before I think. Oh, what's the big deal. It's just a FIRST birthday know, the one that has about 100 pictures taken of it because the cutie pie that's eating it is actually encouraged to "go ahead, make a mess!" No pressure, right?
The wonderful thing about this friend is she is my biggest encourager and generally thinks everything I do is great even when I know it's really NOT (everyone should have a friend like her) and no matter what I brought to her sweet little girl's party, she was going to be happy....

So let the cake decorating begin! I was lucky enough to find a great blog earlier this week and even though I have made cakes in the past, I learned so much from her tutorials. Lavender Clouds is the name of her wonderful blog and there I learned how to bake and ice a cake like a professional...well, I'm sure there's a learning curve.....
I followed her instructions and.. TAA DAA......this is what I came up with

I made the fondant for this cake using this super simple recipe.....

Marshmallow Fondant
8 oz mini marshmallows (4 cups not packed)
4 c powdered sugar, plus a little for dusting
2 T water
Food coloring and flavoring, optional

Put marshmallows and water in a large microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 1 minute and stir until smooth. If you are adding flavoring, stir it in now. Add powdered sugar until stiff, and hard to stir. Dust rolling surface with powdered sugar and knead the food coloring into fondant. Roll out to desired thickness and cut out your shapes.

I was so happy to have been a part of such a happy day for her! She loved her cake!
Kid tested, Mother approved....whew...thank goodness :)


  1. Your cake turned put just perfect!

  2. Aren't you just the sweetest thing?! It's fantastically adorable. I'm in envy of your piping skills. I'm so glad my tutorial was actually used by someone. Sometimes those tutorials can be a real pain to put together ;)
    Do you mind if I grab your I've been Featured button? Technically it's not really a feature is it? Hmmmm...

  3. Lilianna...I'll have to get that feature button up soon! Thanks again for all of your great ideas!

  4. That is fabulous! My friend makes cakes too just as a hobby and they are gorgoeous. Thanks for your sweet comment and for linking up to the newbie party. Please be sure to add my link or button.

  5. The cake is gorgeous! I can't make a decent cake to save my life and that is why I am THANKFUL for talented people like YOU!


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