Friday, April 1, 2011

Easy Spring Wreath

The sunshine has inspired me again. This time I wanted to make a Spring wreath.......
I started with a ceareal box and traced (using a plate and tea cup) two circles
Then I gathered the rest of my supplies..glue gun, twine, pretty glass beads and flowers (I had these from a scrapbooking kit)
Use hot glue to attach the twine to the back side of your cut out (don't you just love the StarTrek box)

Start wrapping.......and wrapping......and it Summer yet?........and wrapping until it looks like this

Now, for the fun part! Add could use paper, fabric, or any other Spring type embellishment you have around. I hot glued a long piece of twine to the back to hang it. And taaaa little Spring Wreath!
I decided it should have a home in the dinning room....

Hope you love it too!

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  1. very cute!love it!

  2. I'm a new follower :) Please check out my blog too,, I'm a new blogger. I think we started blogging right about the same time, but I just found you through I Heart Naptime Sundae Scoop.


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