Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easy, No Sew Apron

Confession: I don't like to sew. I get frustrated. I want to yell at those silly little needles that I can't seem to thread. I might even feel like breaking something. I just don't like to sew.

Enter Heat-N-Bond  *Que Angels singing*  I love this stuff!

And just look what I was able to make with my trusty Heat-n-Bond and a shirt I couldn't wear

I got this shirt last year at a thrift store, I payed $1 for it...I loved it, but it didn't love me, so......
I cut it into three pieces...top, bottom (front and back cut into separate pieces) Can't you just see my cute little apron there already?? I used the lower half of the shirt, just the front. I saved the back of the shirt for another project.

All there was left to do was cut and iron down my Heat-n-Bond on the raw edges, remove the paper backing and iron down to get a clean edge
I love it! Finally the shirt, uh, I mean apron, loves me too!

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  1. so pretty. I love the print.



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