Sunday, April 17, 2011

Construction Party!

My son turned 4 this week? Oh, wait.... I guess that should be more of a statement than a question but honestly I still can't believe he is 4!! happened...he turned 4.... so we had a party this weekend. He is in love with all things construction now so it was an obvious theme to go with.

I was able to personalize Dollar Tree table covers with a little acrylic paint I had on hand

We used the trucks he already had for useful decorations

My little worker man and his Pa-paw made two of these "road block" type sign to have out front as the guests came in

And no party would be complete without the cake!

Can we take a moment to observe the tiny caution tape...I'm kind of proud of it (made with electrical tape and vinyl letters cut with the Cricut)
And how about those rocks...don't they look real? They are chocolate and very tasty too. (I found them at Wal-mart in the candy section)

All in all, it was a great day! And now, I guess I'll have to say out loud that my baby boy is 4? Oh, there I go with the questions again.......

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