Friday, April 8, 2011

Chalk Board

I love drooling looking at all the other great ideas on other blogs. Angie at Thrifty Like Me made a beautiful chalk board to add to her Spring mantel. I thought I would try doing my own.

I found this frame on the side of the road, can you believe people just throw stuff out like this??

I cut the wood to fit inside the frame. (It's thin panneling that we had in our garage) Then I had my trusty assisant paint the first coat of black chalk board paint. We used a small bottle of FolkArt Chalk Board paint that I got on clearance at Wal-mart for $1!

We applied two coats just like the directions said to do...and while my assistant was working on that, I worked on the frame

I liked the way the outer part of the framed looked just as it was, so I only needed to spruce up the inside portion of the frame. I painted it with Americana buttermilk acrylic paint and then dry brushed some gold metalic paint on some areas. I used Gorilla Glue to but the painted board into the frame and Ta-da....A new (old) Chalk Board

Total cost: $1.00....gotta love that!


  1. Lookin' good! Gotta love free!! I've been resisting the urge to make more...been a little obsessed with the chalkboard paint lately. :)

  2. I am loving all things chalk board paint....I am thinking painted flower pots next, hmmmmm

  3. Looks great! I'm going to be attempting a chalkboard in my son's room soon!

  4. Libby, they are so fun and so easy to make...I have to stop myself from making 100 of them :)

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