Monday, April 4, 2011

Bended Fork Recipe Card Holder

I have made these a few times to give as gifts and they always turn out so cute. If nothing else they are a great conversation piece for your kitchen.

Even better you only need two supplies to make these : Heavy pliers and a Sterling Silver fork

Step One  (click on pictures to see a larger view)

Step Two   (click on pictures to see a larger view)

Step Three.....Add recipe card, to give as gift I like to add a few recipes tied with a pretty ribbon

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  1. I really like this. I am thinking of making and giving it to the kids teachers with a cookie recipe and cookies.


  2. Thanks so much Melissa, what a great idea to give as teacher gifts! Thanks for following too, I'll be right over to check out your site!

  3. wow this is such a cute idea! They would make really cute place card holders too! :)

  4. Finally a way in which I can use my old silver forks for making recipe card holder. Like the idea Carmella.


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